Best poker strategies for Hold’em

Having mastered the strategies of playing poker, you will significantly improve your game level and will be able to earn many times more money. Unfortunately, even the most capacious article will not reveal all the secrets of poker statistics and tactics, but this knowledge will definitely not be superfluous for you. We will tell you about the main types of poker strategies that will help you make money much easier and faster online.

Strategies by type of game

Strategies by type of game

According to the play style, strategies are divided into several main types:

  • Aggressive – This style of play requires the player to act aggressively with a wide range and always raise and 3bet.
  • Passive strategy is the exact opposite of aggressive strategy. With this style of play, the user plays with a significantly narrower range, sometimes skips profitable hands, and does not squeeze an impressive bank out of his opponents.

According to the effectiveness, the strategy can be divided into loose and tight. In the first case, the playing range is wide enough, the poker player raises with marginal hands and nuts. The tight style of play involves playing a narrow range of hands, which includes only strong starting combinations. The risks of losing are minimal.

Texas Hold'em

In turn, these four types of play can be combined with each other, forming, respectively, tight-aggressive or passive, loose-aggressive or passive strategies. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. The combination of a tight and aggressive style of the game provides for minimal risks and big winnings. It is the easiest to learn and therefore recommended for players. The point is that you will only be playing a narrow range of hands and only raising and 3betting. With strong hands, the chance of losing is minimal, and if you win, aggressive action can help you make a good pot at the end of the hand.
  2. A loose and aggressive strategy is more difficult, as it involves aggressive play actions with a wider range. It is chosen by many professional poker players, as this way you can remain more unpredictable for your opponent. In this style, it is very difficult to keep a cool head and always act profitably and correctly from a mathematical point of view. Ideally, everyone should come to the LAS.
  3. A tight and passive strategy is mainly the choice of amateurs. Such users severely limit their ranges, but at the same time do not like to act aggressively and raise. They call, but they can never take opponents to a good pot and squeeze them even with a strong hand. The risks of losing are minimal, but you won’t be able to win a decent amount either.
  4. A loose and passive strategy is a kind of poker uncertainty. This is how weak opponents play, who are simply interested in watching the flop and playing on. If you don’t have to pay dearly for the river and they can afford it, then they will definitely go further and pay money. This style is played by recreational players, of whom there are a lot in Asian poker rooms and weak rooms.

These are the four main lines of poker strategies. Further, you can divide them according to the tactical methods used and other nuances. But we hope that even these basic poker strategies will help you better understand your preferred playing style and start earning more!