What poker strategies can beginners use?

It is not so easy for beginners to build a poker strategy for money. Indeed, in the beginning, you need to master a number of the main points of the game, and only after that do you move on to deepen your knowledge.

Before you start mastering tactics, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

  • Getting basic knowledge of the distribution structure;
  • Learning all combinations, and their strength;
  • The value of the best in the game;
  • Basic play styles for beginners;
  • Gaining hands-on experience with play chips and micro stakes.

After that, you can begin to master the strategies.

Basic Tactics for Raising Your Bankroll

Basic Tactics for Raising Your Bankroll

So, we will highlight three tactics that can generate income if they are properly mastered and used.

Short stack game

This means that the poker player starts the game with only a very good hand. The range of possible cards is pretty narrow. However, with this strategy, a very aggressive game is played preflop, bets are raised, and re-raises are made.

Moreover, the size of the bets will depend on the number of opponents at the table and their bankrolls. The stack in this strategy is not big – about 40-45 Big Blinds.

In this case, it is not profitable for the player to bring the game to the final. On the river, he has several options: either fold or go all-in. However, a short stack will not allow you to lose a lot in one hand, and all strong hands can bring some income.

The strategy is quite easy to learn, and it will also help to avoid ambiguous situations.

Medium stack

A more complex strategy that assumes stack sizes from 40 to 80 Big Blinds. It is not easy, mainly due to the fact that the poker player will have to master, among other things, the game pre-flop.

The starting hand range is wider, and preflop manipulation can be used to mislead opponents. In general, it is better not to give them the opportunity to determine any pattern in your actions.

Postflop, you should use the odds to win if you have a good hand. You can both bluff with a weak hand and balance between these two techniques: aggression with a strong hand and aggression with weak cards.

Moreover, post-flop will largely be decided by the mathematical probability when making decisions. And this requires a gaming experience.

Big stack

Let’s just briefly touch on this strategy, since it is already suitable for experienced players. This strategy assumes that you will be with stacks of 100 BB or more. Moreover, such a serious game will require you:

  • Opportunities to read the game of opponents, to determine the strength of their hands;
  • Use all kinds of game techniques;
  • Skillfully bluff;
  • Master the game on every street.

Therefore, it is better to turn to this technique later, when simpler strategies are mastered.

Note that we have only touched on a few strategies that deal with cash games. There are a number of tactics for playing tournaments or different types of poker. This article is for guidance rather than a complete tutorial.

Therefore, we recommend that you study the poker strategy for money in more depth, be sure to consolidate your knowledge in practice, and improve your level. Believe me, you yourself will become interested. Especially when the profit from the game increases.