What are connectors in poker?

Connectors in poker – this is how pocket cards are called, which are close in rank (differ in the adjacent denomination). The prospects of such pairs are assessed by the number of chances of getting a Straight. For example, combinations such as 3-4 and ace-2 do not fall into this category. The same cannot be said about “duos” consisting of 5-6, Ace-King, 10-Walt.

What kind of connectors are there?

kind of connectors are there

The presence of such a pair on hand is a guarantee that a rather winning card combination will be formed on the post-flop. Poker players pay special attention to the quality of pocket hands. According to their prospects, they are classified into two categories:

  1. Unsuited pairs are considered to be pairs in which there are cards that are close in value but do not match in the suit. The strongest combination of this kind is jack-10.
  2. Suited are pocket hands that include cards of the same suit and adjacent denomination.

By playing offsuit connectors, it is possible to get a Straight or Straight Draw. If the poker player has a suited pin, he can also hope for Flush and Flush Draw. When calculating the probability of winning, one should focus not only on the type of connectors but also on additional factors.

Denomination and prospects of cards

Denomination and prospects of cards

In this case, everything is predictable. The higher the rank of the cards in hand, the better for the player. Having such combinations as jack-queen and queen-king, the poker player can count on strong and senior pairs. Connectors from this group are often referred to as Broadway connectors. Even if the chances of getting Straight directly are few, the participant can play the top pair. This will increase the likelihood of winning.

It should be noted that in poker suited connectors are much more profitable than suited ones. A low pair will win the most on a low flop. If the pin has lost its value during the game, it will have to be discarded.

How are connectors drawn in poker?

With large cards, problems usually do not arise. If there are Broadway pairs, the poker player will be able to start trading from any position that is beneficial to him. Low and medium connectors are much easier to go wrong. They are often underestimated by newbies. To reduce the potential risk, inexperienced poker players need to be guided by the advice of professionals.

If there is only one opponent left at the table, the most optimistic predictions are that winning when using small connectors will happen 50% of the time. The numbers will turn out to be correct if the player is all-in preflop and the player gets a draw on the flop. It is possible to break an impressive pot with a multi-pot. This is a situation when several players apply for the bank at once.

Connectors are not the cards to be used preflop. They will bring success to the poker player only if they are played correctly.

A combination in your hands post-flop will significantly increase your chances of winning when played. The effectiveness of the bundles in multi-pot is higher than in heads-up poker. The strength of the connectors grows towards the end of the game.

Success in poker is impossible without a competent analysis of all factors. Their list is quite extensive, it includes:

  1. Opponent’s stack;
  2. Bank size;
  3. The range of pocket hands suitable for entering trades;
  4. Positions of the opponents.

We must not forget that people who are too emotional are more likely to lose than gain. And over time, their favorite hobby can become the main source of trouble for them. Therefore, when making a bet, one should not ignore the voice of reason. The most optimal and balanced decision is made by the player who goes last. It has all the information it needs to make the analysis more complete. We hope you’ve figured out what connectors are in poker.