What is 3 bet in poker: tips for using

If you have just started playing poker and do not know what a 3-bet is – this article is for you. Below we will tell you what it is all about, how to use the move and how to play against it.

What is a 3-bet?

3 bet in poker

The 3-bet is the second preflop raise. If the trades are open (for example, the blinds are posted), some poker player raises the rate, then the next raise will be called a 3bet.

The next possible raises will be called 4,5,6-bet and so on – but this is rarely the case.

When can you make a second raise?

Let’s look at some situations where 3bet in the hand is appropriate:

  • Pick up the blinds and first bets. You can take your starting bankroll preflop – the blinds will almost certainly go to you and you can take the rest of the money. Players only run the risk of making big raises before the flop with good hands;
  • Reduce the number of opponents. Before the flop, it is important to “drain” as many opponents as possible – any cards can be opened on the table, which can become winning for everyone. Therefore, 3-bets are often used by players who dominate the table, reducing the number of opponents;
  • 4-bet provocation. If you have a strong hand, you can provoke your opponent to raise more. But this is a very subtle point: you need to feel that your opponent is ready to rise again, and not fold in the next round;
  • The calculation for the play on the flop. This can be a profitable aggression strategy for you to dominate with a good hand. So at the next auction, you can continue to “push” your opponents, even with an unfavorable flop. You will be able to boldly bluff and even go all-in.

Obviously, 3bet is a useful technique to use. To get started, just try using it to see if your opponents are ready to part with the money preflop. If so, raise your bets from time to time with medium to good hands.

Note that this action is best performed in late positions – this way you will see what your opponents have already done and whether it is worth making another raise at all.

Defense from 3-bet

What is 3 bet in poker

However, often your opponents will reraise against you as well. In these cases, it is also important to follow the correct steps:

  1. If you are in an early position, you should only support the bet with top hands (a pair of aces, kings, queens). If you have an average hand, then you should only support the bet if your opponent raises too often preflop;
  2. In a good position, you can only call with deep stacks – this way you have more chances of a set on the flop;

Medium hands can also be bluffed 4-bet. In fact, you may flop a pair or a middle hand. This way you can keep bluffing and still have a chance of winning. Plus, there is always a chance that the opponent will fold – and you will take the money in a completely unfavorable situation;

Watch your opponents – if your opponent is obviously bluffing with his raise, you can safely raise against him. However, keep in mind that there are other players at the table – they may have good hands and you will raise inappropriately against a strong opponent.

Where to learn 3-bet?

If you are just mastering this technique, we recommend that you go to the tables with micro-stakes. There you can master this strategy without great losses.

As for the theory, it’s a good option to watch the streams of professionals. They often 3bet or play after. And often the pros explain the reasons for this or that move – you will learn from real situations in absentia. You just need to choose a poker room or go to an already created profile in the rooms. By the way, you can consider 888Poker, PokerStars, PartyPoker, and GGPoker for playing.

They have a pleasant playing field, adequate opponents, and there are many useful bonuses for beginners.

Come to the tables and learn from your own experience what a 3-bet is – it will become another “weapon” in your poker arsenal.