Varieties of poker: popular game options

There are more than 40 types of poker, but only a few of them are in demand in online games. They differ from each other in the rules of the game, the way the bank is formed, the restrictions on the size of bets, the number of starting cards, etc. In the review, we will consider the types of games that are most often found in online rooms.

Types of games by bet size

The card game uses different betting formats and their associated restrictions. They are indicated in the lobby next to the name of the game. In poker, there is a minimum or maximum possible bet step.

Types of poker by bet size:

  1. No Limit – a game in which there are no restrictions on the size of the bet. Therefore, theoretically, even on the Preflop, a player can put all his chips on the line. All-in is often used by poker players to implement bluff tricks and steal blinds.
  2. Limit – poker with a fixed sizing (bet size). This game format was very popular 10 years ago. But now it has lost 1st place to no-limit poker formats.
  3. Pot-limit is a game that combines the rules of limit and no-limit poker. The sizing here is limited, but corresponds to the size of the current pot (pot).

The main varieties of poker

Casinos and poker rooms continue to invent new types of poker. Most of them are revealed by poker videos. Next, we will consider only those that are in demand among the players.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em popular game

Texas Holdem is the most popular discipline in which the maximum number of online and live tournaments are organized. Most poker room visitors prefer no-limit games.

Holdem Features:

  1. The game consists of 4 rounds – Preflop, Flop, Turn and River;
  2. In the first round, each player receives 2 starting cards;
  3. In the second round, the first 3 community cards appear on the board;
  4. In the penultimate and final round, the last two community cards are dealt.

In the game, poker players strive to collect the strongest five-card hand. It can consist of any community and hole cards. If all players at the table, except one, fold, the game stops until the showdown – Showdown.

Pot Limit Hi Omaha

Omaha popular game

PL Omaha Hi is a game whose rules are almost identical to those in Hold’em. But it has several important differences:

  • At the beginning of the game, poker players receive 4 hole cards;
  • The final combination must consist of 2 hole cards and 3 community cards.

In some rooms, 5-card Omaha is available, in which not 4, but 5 pocket cards are dealt on Preflop.

Omaha 8

Omaha 8 popular game

Omaha 8 or Hi-Lo Omaha is a game in which poker players strive to collect not only the highest (Hi), but also the lowest (Lo) combination. If one of them is in one, and the second – in another player, then the pot is divided in half.

Omaha 8 Features:

  • The lowest combination must consist of cards up to the value of Eight;
  • If none of the participants collects a low combination, the entire pot will go to the owner of the high hand.

Draw Poker

Draw Poker popular game

Five Card Draw is a game in which no more than 5 poker players can participate. In addition to mandatory bets, participants at the table place Ante. A special bet is made blind even before the hole cards are dealt.

Other Features of Draw Poker:

  • On Preflop, poker players receive 5 cards;
  • While trading, the player can exchange any number of pockets for new cards from the deck;
  • There are no community cards in the game, so winning combinations are made up entirely of hole cards.

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud popular game

Stud is a game in which poker players strive to collect the best 5-card combination from 7 cards available. As in the previous case, there are no community cards in poker. And pockets are rented in stages:

  1. On the first street, participants at the table receive 3 cards each, in addition, 2 of them are closed, and one is shone to opponents;
  2. 3 more cards are dealt face-up, and the last card is dealt face down.

Due to the lack of community cards, it is quite difficult to “calculate” opponents. But that’s what makes Stud interesting.

Recently, more exotic types of poker have appeared in poker rooms – Pineapple, HORSE, and Russian poker, some of which organize events with solid prizes.